Just read a story about a man selling medical marijuana lollipops out of his van along the parade route. Claiming his storefront was shut down, he decided to take his business on the road and from what I’ve read it seems to be working out pretty well. The police left him alone and he was raking in the $.

So I was reading the news and found an article about 12 patients who tried to sue the city against enforcment of the new mmj ordinance. They argued that their safe access would be jeopardized if the city ordinance goes in to effect but in reality there will still be over 100 dispensaries still open. I think that they should of started enforcing this law awhile ago, there are way too many collectives in the LA area.
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A lot of patients have been coming in concerned about the closures coming June 7th. I’ve seen a few dispensaries already closing and I wonder what’s going to happen with the 187 that are going to stay open. Stay tuned for more info